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Because the Langue d’oc is the only roman language devoid of an¬† Dictionaire Etymologique . For a special index of¬† English words related to Occtan follow this link. For example demijhon¬† or beaver.


In this site you will find the etymology of hundreds of words in the langue d’oc (called Proven√ßal in English), that means¬† all the dialects spoken or written the south of France,¬†

The etymology is the description of the history of words, that is to say, the evolution of forms and meanings.
The Langue d’oc or Occitan include all the dialects of the south:¬†Proven√ßal, Languedocien, Gascon, Auvergnat, Limousin, Vivaro-Alpin ) whereas¬† the langue d’oil is the language of the north also called French;¬† the¬†langue de si¬†is Italien. This distinction was made by Dante.


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An example. Looking for the etymology of cagnard ¬† type cagn in¬† the « Search » field.¬† Looking for the etymology of English¬†squeeze, type¬†squeez¬†or even¬† squee .¬† If you type jack you will have 3 posts. Jacquard,¬† Ase and Quincarlot.

The main source of my posts is the FEW,¬† ¬ę¬†Franz√∂sisches Etymologisches W√∂rterbuch. Eine Darstellung des galloromanischen Sprachschatzes¬†¬Ľ. by Wather von Wartburg, now available¬† on line. If you live in the USA you are¬† privileged, because you have acces to the digitalized version. Hathi Trust Digital Library.¬† The FEW is also an¬† important source for the etymology English vocabumary. ¬† For instance in vol. XVI, p.2, note 13 you will find the etymology of English giblet :

Giblet en anglais dans FEW

Main Author: Wartburg, Walther von, 1888-1971.
Language(s): French ; German
Published: Bonn, F. Klopp verlag g.m.b.h., 1928-
Subjects: French language > Etymology > Dictionaries.

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